At Federal Records Management, we take the security of your data seriously! We implement the best practices for document security, conversion, access and compliance.

The security of our data storage facilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Central location
  • Our Weber location is a 12,000 square foot free standing concrete building with its construction consisting of concrete flooring, block walls, and a concrete roof. There are no structures or vegetation within 100 ft. of the building for added fire protection.
  • Locations feature security fencing and locked gates around the perimeters.
  • Locations include 24/7 surveillance, wich include cameras and recorder.
  • Locations have security and fire alarm systems. Doors have double locks and all windows are barred.
  • Steel shelving is used to carton storage, and cartons will be off the ground to avoid flooding damage.
  • Locations include fire safety and prevention equipment, which are maintained by Acme Fire and Safety.
  • All employees go through extensive background checks and are required to sign confidentiality agreements.
  • All facility visitors are required to present proper identification, and all visitors wait in transition rooms and are escorted by staff at all times.
  • For clients, access to information can only be granted to authorized personnel.
  • There are no identifiers on boxes of clientele other than pre-existing notifications and Federal Records Management’s unique barcode.
  • All data or customer information is stored on Total Recall software, which is accessed only by authorized personnel that have been assigned encrypted passcodes.
  • The on-line website is a 265-bit SSL Encrypted site with domain authentication, which provides security from unauthorized users.
  • The system is maintained and backed up by a vendor, who is PCI compliant and meets SOS online backup guidelines.

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